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Organizations, brands, and physical/digital artists are eager to enter the explosive industry of NFTs but don’t have a trusted source to guarantee, onboard, or manage their involvement. The risk of technical pitfalls such as hacks, transfer/deposit mistakes or other liabilities are extremely high for new participants. Once a transaction is completed, it cannot be edited or reversed due to the immutable smart contracts of the blockchain. Our mission is to educate our customers and clients on how they can strategically monetize and confidently engage in the NFT space.

Building and advising successful NFT-based blockchain companies since 2017, our team’s extensive experience as engineers and developers enable us to be the trusted knowledge base for high profile organizations and brands looking to participate in current NFT markets.

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Non Fungible Group manages operations for our client’s non-fungible token IP, yield farming, escrow services, and collateralization of physical, digital, and "PHYGITAL" items as they relate to NFTG and RealItems infrastructure.

Growing AUM daily, NFG offers our clients the traditional fund fee structure with competitive hourly consulting. From general guidance to complex asset structuring, we provide the total solution our clients require.